Explore: Complete the assessment, and explore potential ways you may be spiritually gifted to express and live out the love of God in your life and the life of the Community.


Engage: Once you have taken the assessment a profile sheet will be emailed to you explaining each of the gifts you’ve identified.  The sheet will give you deeper insight into the gifting area itself as well as possible serving opportunities to continue to explore and engage how God has shaped you for living out His love.  The SR Ministry Placement Team will make a connection with you at this point and share areas of service you could experiment in or how your gifting could be lived out in your professional or personal life.

Affirm:  Working with our Ministry Placement Team and after trying out a ministry offered in the church, or in the community, or activated in your professional/personal life we want to help you reflect on your experience.  How did you feel about serving in the ministry?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you feel in “the zone” while engaging a particular gifting?  If you didn’t feel like you enjoyed it or that it didn’t seem like a good fit, it could be an indication that it is not a primary gift.   

This is not an exact science by any means and is best done through our ongoing

Explore, Engage, and Affirm.  

Our areas of gifting can change with time, life experiences, or what can be called “seasons of life”.  But we believe that everyone is created to live out the love of God in meaningful and impactful ways and that life is truly lived best when we bring our best selves into serving others.  

Ministry Placement Team: 

Pastor Don Smith / Debbie Smith / Daphne Hartley / Jeff Heath / Glenda Purdy / Keith Francis